Terms & Conditions

Health and Nutrition Information

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure Core Body Cleanse juices are safe and suitable if you suffer from any allergies. We do not guarantee that our juices are nut-free or made in a nut-fee environment.
  2. No health claims are made concerning Core Body Cleanse products or services.
  3. No specifics health benefits can be ensured with use of our juices.
  4. Any lifestyle changes or health issues including the use of Core Body Cleanse juices should be discussed with a medical professional before commencement.
  5. If you have an illness or condition which may have an adverse effect caused by our juices we have the right to refuse your order. The customer is entirely responsible for deciding if our juices are suitable for the. And no responsibility is accepted for reactions caused by their use.
  6. No information included with our juices or contained in any information produced by Core Body Cleanse is authorised medical advice.

Ordering Information

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure all necessary delivery information provided to Core Body Cleanse is correct. Please ensure delivery instructions include all specific details as well as a customer contact number.
  2. Payment of your order is required in advance of delivery. Process of orders will not be commenced prior to receipt of payment. Refusal of payment by your designated payment provided will result in termination of the order.
  3. Any cancellation must be received before the day of delivery. Only email cancellations addressed to info@corebodycleanse.co.uk are acceptable. The subject should be marked Cancellation. Cancellation will include changes or re-scheduling of delivery date, changes of order type and full cancellation.
  4. We reserve the right to amend our prices without prior notice.

Delivery Information

  1. Please ensure that Core Body Cleanse are advised, when placing your order, of any/all special instructions for delivery. If we are not made aware of special instructions we will not be liable for failure to,deliver.
  2. Workplace delivery can be made but you will be responsible for your employers agreement to this practice. You are also responsible for complete and clear detailed instructions for delivery and your availability for receipt and signature of receipt. We will not be liable for failure to deliver as a result of any/all of the above conditions.
  3. We reserve the right to determine if refunds will be made in any of these circumstances and any refunds will be entirely at our discretion.
  4. Core Body Cleanse will make every effort for safe and timely delivery of your juices. If unforeseen or circumstances beyond our control cause our inability to deliver a refund or re-delivery or your juice order will be provided.
  5. If Core Body Cleanse is unable to make direct delivery AS A LAST RESORT we can leave your order in a safe place as we use special containers which will ensure the correct temperature control for a few hours.


  1. Please make contact with Core Body Cleanse via our website contact page for any problems.
  2. Core Body Cleanse will make every effort to rectify your issues.
  3. Your statutory rights as a customer are not affected in our Terms and Conditions.


Copyright protects our website, other sites and publications under the ownership of Core Body Clean. Permission from the owners of Core Body Cleanse is required to use, copy or modify any information or publication including Internet sites.


  1. The information supplied with Core Body Cleanse juices is only for your information and not in any way supplied as a prevention, treatment or cure for any illness or disease. All medical problems or questions should be referred to your qualified medical practitioner.
  2. Any information offered in our website, juice descriptions or other links is offered only as advice and should not be considered medical advice which can only be obtained by discussion with your qualified medical professional. Core Body Cleanse takes no responsibility for adverse effects caused by our product or the advice given.
  3. Any lifestyle changes should be discussed with you qualified medical professional before commencement.

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